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Yes there ARE other companies and individuals who offer TV presenting training. Sadly, very few are reputable with most being fly-by-night. For this reason, we need to state the Media Concepts difference.

  1. Every class includes life coaching
  2. We’ve run courses on a continuous basis since 1998 which gives us an excellent track record.

  3. Our graduates number in the thousands. The fact that they continually refer students to us attests to our high standards.

  4. Our trainers are top-notch professionals in their specialised fields and are on-air presenters. We always strive to stay current in our choice of trainers.

  5. We don’t make empty promises or manipulate you by saying “If you do our course we guarantee you’ll get a job in television”. What we will tell you is that it takes hard work and dedication to enter the industry and many of our graduates make it into television.

  6. Our courses and showreel production happen at professional facilities and not at the back of someone’s house. 

  7. Our course fee covers everything and INCLUDES your showreel. There are no hidden fees.

  8. Beware of companies charging you for a screen test prior to “accepting” you into their course. It has “Beware!” written all over it!